Kermit the Frog replaces Ryan Gosling for the star performance we all wanted in “La La Land” Facebook/Funny or Die

Ryan Gosling is definitely a household name, and there are a lot of discussions over what the blockbuster “La La Land” means for his career. It’s one of his first roles in a musical, and some critics have said that he doesn’t strike them as that sort of actor. However, there is one face that has appeared in a lot of feature-length films and can carry a tune — Kermit the Frog.

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If you loved the soundtrack and the screenplay but cringed when you heard Ryan Gosling’s voice, worry no more: the team at “Funny or Die” has taken our favorite green frog back to Hollywood with Kermit’s take on “City of Stars.” The song and trailer even features a moon-walking Muppet who pairs wonderfully with his co-star Emma Stone.

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