James Corden and special guest Kevin James played crazy soccer dads for a sketch on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Late Late Show.”

The sketch begins fairly peacefully, with Corden and James yelling words of encouragement at their sons as they sit next to each other on the sidelines. But then they begin insulting each other.

“Did Charlie skip a grade or something?” asked James. Corden said no. “He’s a little smaller than the rest of the guys,” James continued.

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“Has your son ever skipped a meal?” was Corden’s response, before mentioning that James’ son Oliver looks “a little heavy.”

The drama escalates when the two dads hold up signs. James then heads offscreen and returns in a red jumpsuit with pom-poms, ready to cheer. The dads continue to out-do each other, bringing out stereos, cheerleading costumes, a DJ booth and an entire marching band.

It all gets very silly — with hilarious consequences. Adam Sandler appears as the soccer game’s referee, who is appalled by the the behavior of the two dads.

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