KFC Has Launched a Lipstick That Tastes Like Hot Wings Chicken KFC Via Bustle
KFC Via Bustle

I…uh…what?! Are the KFC owners going through a midlife crisis? I feel like they have been going a little crazy during this whole coronavirus pandemic lockdown. They must be because this to me is just insane. Turns out Kentucky Fried Chicken decided the world is always hungry and always wants something to snack on, so they created a lipstick that satisfied your cravings.

Yup, KFC has launched a new red hot-wing flavored lipstick, because why not? The announcement comes in celebration of National Lipstick Day and National Wing Day which fell on the same day this year, July 29. The fast-food chain decided to call the limited edition lipstick Bucket Red No 11, and apparently tastes exactly like KFC hot wings with a blend of chili oils. Although that might sound a tad gross, I will say that the color is pretty rad. You know we are always trying to find that perfect go-to red lipstick that gives you full coverage.

To top it all off and reassure everyone that the lipstick actually works, the chicken company ran some durability tests with people wearing the Bucket Red No 11 and eating the wings. The company claimed that 100 percent of those who wore it were indeed able to eat two wings and walk away as if nothing had happened, meaning the product is indeed being advertised as “WingProof.” Phew, I was worried there for a minute.

According to a KFC Spokerson, “Not only does it taste lip-smackingly good, but it’s been formulated with a new eight-hour conditioning and smudge-proof technology that means it can survive a KFC wing-sesh.” The product is also said to also have a “budge-proof finish” which gives you the ultimate freedom to wear the lipstick and enjoy the tasty tasty wings.

So, where can you get your hands on this strange but ultimately pretty cool KFC lipstick? Well, the good news here is that they are free from KFC themselves, but the bad news is that there are only 400 of them available, making them a collector’s item. All you have to do is register for KFC’s Colonel’s Club and you’ll receive an email to enter a dream forth lipsticks.


All entries close on August 11, so make sure you sign in and register to get your new lippie! Or you know, you can just go to MAC and buy a red lipstick. Totally up to you. Unless you have that KFC crave because it’s so finger lickin’ good.

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