8-Year-Old Mercilessly Evaluates His Mom’s Homeschooling Skills

Being a teacher is tough. Being a parent is even tougher. Being both a teacher and a parent seems… unenviable for a normal mom or dad who decides to homeschool their kids. But for the parents who are forced to teach their kids at home while the schools are shut down for the Coronavirus pandemic? That is straight-up nightmare territory.

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And so it was for one parent, in particular, Candice Kennedy, a Kentucky stay at home mom who recently started teaching her 8-year-old son Ben. Teaching is tough! One day you tell yourself, “Of course I can do first-grade math and grammar,” and the next minute you’re telling your kid to turn on the Discovery channel while you go outside to scream at the sky because WHAT IN THE LOVE OF ALL HOLY HELL IS A PREDICATE!?!

So, Candice Kennedy was having a rough go of teaching. While she told her son to take five and write in his journal so she could figure out what was going on, little Ben wrote her an inadvertently scathing review.

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Ben’s review was as follows:

3 – 16 – 20
homed school

It is not going good. My moms getting stressed out. My mom is realy getting confused. We took a break so my mom can figure this stuff out. and I’m telling you it is not going good.

Kids are quite the unfortunately perceptive little rascals, aren’t they? Of course, again, being conspicuously furious at how infuriating school is probably isn’t all that hard to read.

Regardless, you’ve got to feel for this mom. We all think we could do well on our SATs or pass a high school history test but Candice here knows the real truth. Most of us could barely handle grade school.

This story was originally published April 1, 2020.

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