Kids get a taste of Mexican cuisine — can they handle the heat? YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- kids try Mexican food

One of the best things about being a kid is how new everything is. While us old fogies have already had our fair share of first experiences, children often haven’t discovered what the world has to offer them. This is particularly true of food. While some kids can be picky eaters, others are surprisingly open to trying dishes from all over the world. In the latest episode of WatchCut Videos’ “Kids Try” series, the guests get their first taste of Mexican food, and their reactions are hilarious.

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While Mexican food is often spicy, the kids didn’t seem to have any difficulty with the heat. That might be because they often fooled around with the food like a toy rather than eating it, but if you’re not hungry, you’re not hungry, right? On top of that, they dispensed some classic kid wisdom at seemingly random intervals. For example, did you know that grandmas never lie? Where else could you get that sort of vital information?

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