These Kids Terrified of the Easter Bunny Will Make Your Day Via via Tess McLaughlin
Via via Tess McLaughlin

It’s Easter! For the little ones, that means time for Peeps, Easter egg hunts… and horrifying visits with local giant bunny. In the age of Covid, this mall tradition is likely on pause but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy photos of kids from years gone by — and their terrified reactions.

Toddlers flipping out around the Easter Bunny is not breaking news. Every year, cringey compilations of their crying, screaming faces go trending on social media. But laughing at these awkward family photos is as funny as ever. See some of the best scary Easter Bunny pics below.

The Origins of the Easter Bunny

For a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the plush Easter Bunny costume might seem like a random tradition. The bible makes no mention of any happy-go-lucky, egg-laying rabbits. According to Time magazine, elements of our modern Easter celebration come from the Pagan festival, Eostre, which honored the spring season. Along with eggs, rabbits were revered then as a symbol of fertility given their rabid reproductive rates.

We’ve come a long way from Pagan rituals to our current bow-tied, bug-eyed Easter Bunny image. But it seems that the world’s children can still sense something demonic lurking behind the fuzzy suit…

This Eerie Crop

Double Trouble

Via via Tess McLaughlin

Classic Scare Compilation

An Easter Meltdown Scandal!

This 2018 viral video shows a little girl scared senseless when confronted by an Easter Bunny. And though the video was shared on Snapchat in good fun, the child’s grandmother Mary Bryson-Robinson spoke out about the traumatizing incident. Her 2-year-old granddaughter, Surai, was filmed at the Around the World Learning Center in Kissimmee, Florida and Bryson-Robinson pointed out that the daycare workers did not comfort little story. She makes a good point but the family’s outrage only added to the sensationalized story. You can watch the original clip above. Poor thing!


Happy Easter!

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