Before the “big game” these past two years, Vanessa Bayer and Beck Bennett have played an oddly-matched couple of party hosts in a ridiculous sketch where the group of “hungry guys” who just needed their pizza rolls to enjoy some football with. In this sequel of sorts, one guest brings his sexy, rebellious sister over, and that’s where things go off the rails.

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That sister, host Kristen Stewart, plays something of a manic pixie dream girl who opens Bayer’s eyes to a whole new world where pizza rolls are a gateway to an Oscar-worthy love affair, complete with Titanic-referencing sketching and subtitles for the non-French-speakers in the audience. Blue isn’t the warmest color; pizza rolls are.

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And this aside is shot beautifully, creating a whole separate world for Stewart and Bayer, who feel miles away from the rest of the party, but we learn that they’re really just still in the kitchen, making out with the assistance of a fresh batch of Totino’s. It’s perfectly absurd, especially when the title card hits.

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