This brilliant clip is taken from the fifth episode of the sixth season of HBO’s flagship comedy show “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The episode is called “The Freak Book,” a reference to a book that the show’s main character Larry David (played by Larry David) initially buys as a gift for his friend Ted Danson (played by Ted Danson.)

The titular freak book acts as a MacGuffin of sorts for this episode, and even though Larry derives immense enjoyment from reading it and laughing at the images of the disfigured people inside, it brings him nothing but trouble.

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Due to a series of events that could only be possible within the world of a sitcom, Larry ends up pretending to be a chauffeur called Charlie and has to pick up former tennis star John McEnroe from the airport and take him to the Staples Center for the Paul McCartney concert.

Eventually, McEnroe and David end up sharing a few beers and laughing out loud at the freak book in the arena’s VIP area. This draws the ire of Heather Mills (played by not-Heather Mills) — Paul McCartney’s wife at the time, who, as an amputee, doesn’t take too kindly to people laughing at the disabled and disfigured.

What follows is a hilarious and inevitable confrontation between McEnroe and David that is truly one of the funniest exchanges in sitcom history.

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