Learn how to booby trap presents and trick your family in this Christmas prank tutorial YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- Christmas prank guide

These prank tips are pretty cool, and they’re simple and easy ways to make your family wonder, ‘Why did we invite this person into our home?’

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The tutorial, made by the YouTuber Nextraker, has myriad pranks that are simple and easy ways for a person to prank someone. Some examples include giving them a present that explodes or spills water onto an unsuspecting victim.

What makes Christmas better? Ruining somebody’s jeans through a messy prank or making a kid dislike you by giving them a gift that is next to impossible to open.

Fill up a bow with some sort of fluid and make it so a person ruins their Christmas morning by way of a splash of ketchup or shaving cream.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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