“Let’s Dance” for Jimmy Fallon’s Bowie-inspired “SNL” monologue NBC/Screenshot
Harry Styles joins Jimmy Fallon's dance troupe on last night's "SNL."

The thing about Jimmy Fallon returning to his old stomping grounds to host “Saturday Night Live” is that it’s become kind of a roller coaster from moment to moment. Take his appearance in the show’s cold open, not saying a word and doing some hilarious work. Last night’s “monologue” though, was something new.

Much was made of the fact that last night’s episode was the first episode of “SNL” ever to air live across the country. And that’s the only logical reason why the traditional monologue was replaced with a what seems like rejected number from a musical version of”The Wedding Singer.” Fallon began on his mark and said, “Tonight is bigger than a show” with a knowing smirk.

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The drums started and onto the stage strolled none other than Nile Rogers, legendary guitarist and producer — and noted VH1 “I Love the _____” talking head — to lead the band into a song he worked on with David Bowie, “Let’s Dance.”

Even stranger was the inclusion of the “audience” seated on the floor, maybe the first time that whole section of the studio were planted performers, even though none of them were cast members.

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Fallon did a loop around the studio, running into the night’s musical guest Harry Styles along the way, before landing back on the stage, dance troupe in tow, to begin the show.

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