“Vote, or I’m gonna track your asses down!”

Well, Lewis Black makes a fairly convincing case.

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As Election Day approaches, the messages encouraging young people, typically the group that votes least by percentage of population, to get to the polls on Nov. 8 and be a part of this historic election have become increasingly more prevalent. There have already been scores of ads trying to get Millennials to turn out, generally by the Clinton campaign, given the Democratic support tends to skew younger than does the Republican base. These PSAs have featured a variety of famous figures, generally speaking in firm, almost grave tones about the importance of casting a vote and being part of the democratic process.

Lewis Black doesn’t have the patience for that shit.

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Citing the fact that whether you vote or not, a president will be elected to lead the country, Black enthusiastically and profanely urges young people to get to the polls and vote. He apologizes on behalf of old people for screwing over the young, but yells indignantly that the new generation was supposed to fix things not just shrug and finish the screwings-up that their parents began.

While Black’s indignation toward voter apathy is understandable, we do take one issue with his speech: swiping right on your phone while sitting on the toilet sounds like a great way to vote, actually.