Little Girl Flips Off Teacher for Giving Her Homework


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Videos by Rare

In case anyone was wondering at what point school children start to hate getting homework the answer is, apparently, very young.

Little Girl Gives Teacher the Middle Finger for Giving Her Homework During COVID

It’s apparent the child is not happy about getting more homework. from KidsAreFuckingStupid

Alright so in truth this little girl clearly had no idea what she was doing. She probably doesn’t hate homework, which at that point in life is probably the equivalent of putting a puzzle together. She probably barely even knows what homework is. It’s still funny though. Definitely social media gold. It even gets a bit of a giggle from her parents. And at least this didn’t happen during a school Nativity play or something.

Again, all that really matters is that her middle finger-flashing antics are funny. And it’s just more fun to imagine that the girl is mad about getting homework during a Coronavirus lockdown and wants to let her teacher know how she feels about it.

Where Did This Little Girl Middle Finger Bomb Come From?

In other words, where did she learn this? Her mom or dad? It probably depends on who drives her around more. Kids don’t miss anything. Ever. They are paying attention the whole time. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know what the gesture means. They will repeat it.

And if you scream a stream of expletives at the television for a bad holding call in your football game, you better one hundred percent believe that they will be repeating at least half of that the next time one of their tiny little classmates keeps the gluestick for too long, or when the tiniest little hangnail in the world causes them just enough pain to want to curse the world the way you do when you realize you have to watch Disney’s Frozen for the 80th time or have become convinced that your alma mater’s football conference is conspiring against your school.

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