It’s okay, you can admit it — you’ve definitely tried to lift something with your mind. Bet you’ve done the whole shebang — hand outstretched with full-on concentration, only to find that no, you’re not Eleven from “Stranger Things,” and you don’t have psychic powers.

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Well, Twitter user Payton’s (@paytonmichele_) little sister was no exception, and her attempt at revenge via telekinesis was hilariously caught on video.

Payton tweeted, “I made my little sister mad now she’s trying to fliP THE CAR LIKE SHES ELEVEN HAHDJENFNF.”

People could definitely relate. One user tweeted, “I feel her. I can’t act like I ain’t never try to go Super Saiyan as a kid,” referring to “Dragon Ball Z’s” Goku and his famous transformation.

Almost immediately, people also replied with perfectly fitting memes.

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Payton followed up with an even creepier video of her sister after she gave up trying to mentally flip the car.

“What happened after she realized she doesn’t have powers, I knows she’s my sister but The way she smiling I didn’t know what she could do 😭”

All we can say is, this little girl channels Eleven to a T — and her older sister better sleep with one eye open!

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