Louis C.K. and Kate McKinnon break character as 1913 reenactors in this sketch from “SNL” NBC/Screenshot
Kate McKinnon laughs at Louis C.K.'s beautifully terrible accident in this sketch from last night's "SNL."

Oh, class trips. Those magical days of yore, when the banality of the classroom was traded with everything from a museum to an open field. In this “SNL” sketch, a school group visits the Tenement Museum, where they see an apartment like it was in 1913. And that includes the tenants.

Host Louis C.K. and Kate McKinnon play the older Polish couple who live in this apartment, the Lendowskis.

“Oh, my darling Eva,” says C.K., in full period-specific garb with paddy cap. “Sixteen hours a day I break my hands in factory so I can afford to bring cabbage home for soup.” And yes, he’s holding the cabbage.

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“Mikael,” Eva answers. “Our bellies will have to be full with love. Food will be a luxury for the next generation.”

This is when it goes off the rails a bit. McKinnon can’t take Louis’ insane Polish accent as he says, “I wish I could bring home more money,” and slightly begins to break. But Louis just shatters into laughter as the award-winning actress next to him giggles her way through the sketch.

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“There are no good jobs,” he continues. “They were all taken by the filthy, greasy Italians.” And yeah, we can see where this is going.

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