Louis C.K.’s former protege has stressed the seriousness of his sexual misconduct allegations

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Videos by Rare

In an unsurprisingly candid interview with The Daily Beast, comedian Tig Notaro distanced herself from one of her former mentors, Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. is listed as an executive producer on Notaro’s Amazon series, “One Mississippi.” But she’s eager for everyone to know that the alleged sketch thief wasn’t really involved in production at all, emphasizing several times that he “has nothing to do with the show.”

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The comedian also said that C.K. needs to “handle” the longstanding sexual harassment rumors about him. “I think it’s important to take care of that, to handle that, because it’s serious to be assaulted,” Notaro said. “It’s serious to be harassed. It’s serious, it’s serious, it’s serious.” She adds: “I walk around doing shows at comedy clubs and you just hear from people left and right of what some big-shot comedian or person has done. People just excuse it.”

To make the situation all the more interesting, the second season of “One Mississippi” deals with the topic of sexual harassment, as Stephanie Allynne’s character is confronted with misconduct similar to the allegations against C.K.

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