Mad Boston Woman Sets ‘Haunted’ Apartment Building on Fire: ‘ Devil Made Me Do It’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A woman who swore her home was haunted set fire to the place, saying that the devil made her do it. Perhaps she was the one who was haunted.

The Boston house was actually a triple-decker that served as apartments. One person was sent to the hospital as a result of the blaze, and the woman, Nikea Rivera, was arrested.

She reportedly told police that had little choice but to set the place up in flames.

“The devil made me do it, there are ghosts in my house,” Rivera, 45, allegedly said, via WFXT.

She at least apologized, though that alone probably won’t win over the court. She’s due back Jan. 13. Until then, she has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

“The Devil Made Me Do It”

“It’s fortunate that this woman’s actions did not result in any residents or responders being seriously injured or killed,” Suffolk County District Attorney Ken Hayden told WFXT. “Her statements are obviously disturbing and an immediate evaluation is the proper next step.”

Photos shared by the Boston Fire Department revealed that windows had been blown out as a result o the blaze, which left the entire left side of the home damaged and charred. Honestly, you kind of question what this woman was on at the time of the incident. Was she drunk? Or maybe on drugs? Who knows, honestly? We’re just glad no one was hurt!

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