“MADtv” switches up the classic police interrogation scene with “Good Cop/Douche Cop”

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The “Good Cop/Bad Cop” interrogation is a go-to for crime procedural shows. When the suspect gets hauled in for questioning, the Good Cop tries to be a friendly voice of reason, while the bad cop tries to menace the the suspect with the possibility of punishment. Ideally, if the suspect has any valuable information, they’ll cave to whatever approach appeals more to them. But what if the suspect has seen the whole song and dance before? What if they’re not trusting the Good Cop and not fearing the Bad Cop? In that case, it’s time to call the Douche Cop.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Sporting shades, a pink polo, bleached hair and an off-key rendition of Usher’s classic “Yeah!,” Douche Cop is insufferable for even the most hardened criminals. Between his offerings of warm beer, his tales of his idiot party boy lifestyle and his randomly racist throwaway comments, no sane person could stand to spend more than five minutes with this tool.

Case closed. Way to go, Douche Cop, we guess.

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