Mama Bear and Her 4 Cubs Hilariously Raid Minivan For Snacks

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Bear has to eat, and if it means breaking into a minivan, so be it.

One mama bear in upstate New York proved that to be true by raiding a vehicle for food in front of her four cubs. Yes, she had plenty of mouths to feed.

And giving birth four times shows the mama bear is healthy — and therefore, has a healthy appetite herself.

Home security footage showed the bear in action, as she opened the side minivan door with her mouth, scooted it all the way open with her paw, then climbed inside. Eventually, the children emerged from the woods to see what mama could find.

Mama Bear and Her 4 Cubs Raid Minivan For Snacks

So while we’re never really sure what a bear does in the woods, we can tell you want it does when it finds a minivan outside of the woods.

Let’s hope for her sake she found more than just Twinkie wrappers and old bags of stale Doritos. Still, this is pretty impressive! You don’t realize how smart bears are until videos like this pop up everywhere. I mean, she legit opened not only the back door but the front as well. Like, how did she know what to pull? Genius little bugger, if you ask me. Let the cubs have all the snacks that they want. This momma bear was just being a mom, she deserves it! In fact, just leave them food outside at night, help them out a little bit, why not.

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