Man ‘Abducted by Aliens’ 50 Years Ago Says He Was Warned About Covid and WW3

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A man who says he was warned by aliens 50 years ago about COVID and World War III is now worried for our future.

Of course, if he knew about COVID five decades ago, it would have been nice if he would have told the rest of us, no?

Calvin Parker, 68, is a fisherman who said he was abducted by aliens and now has “visions” of the bad things that could happen next.

What is always interesting about these claims is that it seems aliens never have any good news.

Anyway, Parker said he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He just has to share what he knows.

Alleged Abductee Shows Physical ‘Proof’

 “My time here on earth is almost over,” he said, via the Mirror. “I would not want to leave here knowing there could be something I could do to help someone.”

Parker was 19 when he was grabbed by creatures with lobster-like claws and carrot-like noses during his close encounters experience in 1973, he said.

As for COVID, he said he learned that the worst may still be yet to come.

“It was caused by mankind which is very bad because God is going to teach us a lesson and stay out of it before he steps back in,” he said. “Mankind has lost faith and not willing to help others.

“This plague will kill millions, cause food shortages and people will fight and steal other people things just to survive. This is already going on but it will get worse, family against family friend against friend.

“There will be a time when it will be impossible to trust anyone.”

That was the first vision he had way back when. The next remains to be seen.

“Then there is going to be a great war that one side blames the other,” he said. “In my vision, I have seen people’s skin melt off their body.

“I don’t know if it’s a nuclear war or not but it puts nation against nation. There will not be a nation on Earth that is not touched by this war.”

Apparently, the aliens took out his blood and replaced it with something else, though Parker isn’t sure what. He claims he has had “health problems” since. But those problems are nothing compared to what the world is facing, he added.

“This was when my blood was drained out of me and then replaced with what I still don’t know,” he said. “Then things were shown to me, Things from the past, present and future.

“I guess one could call it a curse. Ever since then, I have had major health problems, but slowly I have overcome most of them.

“… “I didn’t come up with this on my own. This was not a figment of my imagination. This is what I saw or should I say was shown during my abduction experience.

“I truly hope that these future ‘visions’ do not come true.”

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