Man Breaks Guinness Record by Slicing Apples While Bouncing on Pogo Stick

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Sometimes, you have to wonder what inspires people to practice the things they eventually master. Things such as playing the guitar, throwing a baseball, writing novels and slicing apples while bouncing on a pogo stick are all skills you develop over time.

Yeah, that’s right. We said slicing apples while bouncing on a pogo stick. You don’t just wake up one day and do it. In fact, not many people have likely even tried.

But it appears that nothing is too difficult for David Rush of Idaho — who now owns no less than 250 Guinness World Records. So it’s safe to say he could be referred to as a serial record-breaker.

His latest did indeed involve slicing airborne apples, thrown by his neighbor, while Rush jumped on a pogo stick. Rush ended up connecting with 63 apples in one minute, using a samurai sword, and officially sliced 56 of them.

That 56 is a world record — though we admittedly don’t know the old record. Perhaps someone once did this and only managed to slice 55.

David Rush Breaks Guinness Record With a Pogo Stick

Rush, on the other hand, does this sort of thing all the time.

“I am the fruit ninja,” he said in a video posted to his YouTube channel. “I have sliced kiwis, I have sliced grapes. I have sliced them with a samurai sword while standing on a Swiss ball, or while balancing on a balance board, and I’ve sliced apples while juggling three knives.”

In other words, you don’t want to be a piece of fruit and be in the vicinity of this guy. You could end up as the next world record.

But hey, it’s all for a cause, as Rush set his crazy records in an effort to promote STEM education. After all, you don’t just balance a chainsaw on your chin for 37 minutes — another of Rush’s achievements — because it’s such a good time.

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