YouTuber Steven Crowder walked right into this one.

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Crowder, who set up a booth at Texas Christian University (TCU) more than a week ago and challenged people on campus to sway him from his position that “Male privilege is a myth,” ended up creating yet another photoshop opportunity for the internet.

Crowder tweeted out a photo from his account with the message “Hello @TCU. Come one come all. #ChangeMyMind.”

We’re not sure how many people actually took him up on this offer, but we are sure that many people did not.

These were some of the tamer responses:

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There are many other ruthless edits, like these, out there.

Crowder noticed the trend and did not seem fazed by it, except for one saying “Nickelback deserves all the Grammies.”

(H/t Mashable)

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