Man Hilariously Mooned Judge During Court Hearing

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A judge in Michigan got a good look at the moon without even needing to leave her house or look out the window. But when Hassan Chokr, 35, pulled down his trousers to show Judge Regina Thomas his backside during a court hearing on Zoom, the judge never lost her cool.

In fact, the judge didn’t even seem to judge.

“He has removed his pants to show the court his backside,” she said during the incident.

“I am putting him in the waiting room.”

Hassan Chokr Mooned Judge During Court Hearing

Chokr faces two felony counts of ethnic intimidation after hurling anti-Semitic abuse outside a temple. As for the moon, well, we can safely say it always comes out in Dearborn, Michigan. Sometimes, even when you don’t want to see it.

“You can go ahead and make a record, but he seems to be mentally ill, quite frankly,” Thomas said. “I don’t know why anyone would think it is appropriate to pull down his pants and show the court their behind during a court proceeding.”

Chokr was in court in the first place because he “‘posted videos and statements on Instagram where he talks about buying guns,” the prosecutor said. This dude was probably just trying to make it seem like he was extra crazy so they would lighten his sentence. Still, props to the judge for not pulling a fast one and giving him a larger sentence for the stupid incident. I feel for them, they must go through so much crap in a day, when they are just simply trying to do their job. Imagine how much they went through during the COVID pandemic…that must have been a wild ride. Stay humble, judges.

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