Man Hilariously Tried to Avoid Drunk Driving Arrest by Doing Backflip

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

There’s nothing funny about drunk driving, but there sure is about doing a backflip while drunk.

Tanner Watson, 27, of Broadview Heights, Ohio, may soon be found guilty of both. Actually, he’s at least guilty of the latter — as his backflip was caught on camera.

This happened after Watson was given a sobriety test and told that he would need to attempt to walk a straight line. He then argued with the officer about the definition of a straight line. That definition, of course, is pretty straightforward.

Yeah…You’re Going to Jail, Bud!

Police pulled over the car for speeding. They also said Watson made an awkward stop when they flashed their lights. When they walked to the vehicle that consisted of Watson and three others, they could smell alcohol, they said.

Watson admitted to drinking three or four beers before getting into the vehicle. But he left the officer impressed by doing a backflip during the test.

“Your driving’s pretty bad, your eyes are super glossy. I can smell booze coming from you, so I want to run some sobriety tests on you,”‘ the police officer said at first.

Eventually, Watson showed off his athleticism.

“That’s good, man,” the officer said, laughing. “I can’t do that, I’ll tell you that.”

Soon after, Watson became argumentative, leading the officer to ask if Watson was on drugs.

The end result was Watson being arrested on charges of OVI and receiving a ticket for speeding. And that’s not exactly anything to flip out about.

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