Most of us have made the mistake of sending a text message before we were done typing it or sending a message to the wrong person, but when one woman posted a friend’s “mistake” on Twitter, no one was buying his excuse.

Twitter user Farha posted her exchange with a male friend where he called her “baby” on the social media site. She asked him not to call her baby, but instead of apologizing, he said that the “baby” wasn’t meant for her but rather his baby cousin. He, according to him, had accidentally hit the text to speech button while he was talking to his cousin.

“I didn’t hahah I was talking to my baby cousin and clicked speech to text by accident and hit sent with my elbow while playing with him without realizing,” he wrote in the text, accompanied by laughing emojis.

Farha, obviously, didn’t buy his excuse and captioned the tweeted text with, “I’m speechless.”

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Twitter users also didn’t buy his excuse and proceeded to add their own comebacks.

Other Twitter users simply came up with their own slightly less plausible explanations, with the movie “Baby Driver” being a favorite excuse.

Farha didn’t, unfortunately, let the internet in on her reply, but we’re guessing after this, her friend will be a bit more careful the next time he sends her a text.

Elizabeth Vale is a contributor for Rare.
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