Man Sexy Pics Chores Facebook/Michael Oonk
Facebook/Michael Oonk

Michael Oonk of Plano, Texas knows what women really want. It’s not rippling six-pack abs, a chin that looks like it was chiseled from marble, biceps that look like a dozen pythons bound tightly together in a leather sack, or a member that also resembles a python.

Nope. He knows all women just want to find them a man who’ll do the chores. So Oonk spent one Friday evening doing the chores and, because he knew how sexy he was being, decided to do what all sexy people do in 2019: post pictures of himself being sexy on social media. And, well, oh my. Prepare yourselves, ladies.

Dios mio. Scrub for me daddy.

This man is brining it with the heat of a thousand suns. Every woman who just scrolled through those pics should go take a pregnancy test immediately. Just in case.

Oonk told Bored Panda that he took the pictures on a Friday evening. He had decided to clean his messy house while his girlfriend Laine was out volunteering at a domestic violence shelter and figured that posting “sexy” selfies of himself cleaning the house would be funny.

A sense of humor too? He’s got it all.

The reactions to the pictures, which were actually posted back in March but have gone viral more recently, overwhelmingly agreed with Oonk’s assesment that they would be funny. His Facebook post has been shared 465,000 times. Yeah, this was clearly a home run. That Laine is a lucky lady.

So be on the lookout ladies. Forget those hot studs you see on TV and in the movies. The cast of Magic Mike might be what used to get you going, but the real ideal man isn’t the one who looks like he can lift a boulder. It’s the one who’ll pick up a broom.

This story was originally published September 3, 2019.

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