Family Filmed Transporting Couch on Highway in the Most Dangerous Way Possible


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Most people who die after answering a Craigslist ad started their journey to the grave in one of the personal sections like M4W or M4M or W4M but it’s a man there when you show up. Really just anything that’s sex-related and has a man on the other end.

But dying because you answered a furniture ad? Who does that? One family certainly appeared to try their best, risking life and limb to safely transport what appears to be fifty dollars worth of furniture down the highway. Their technique? Mom drives the minivan while dad stands up in the open side door with one hand on the massive couch that is resting on the roof but otherwise apparently untethered, and the other on the handle just inside the door.

No word on if this man ended up dying for this piece of furniture but, presumably, he made it home safely. And that’s all I really know about this except that it was originally posted on Instagram by @jonhayro.

A few observations:

1. This had to be the guy’s idea. Not to be sexist but literally no woman would come up with this solution. If anything the car’s driver probably vehemently protested to this method of transport before finally getting so frustrated with her husband that she gave up and said, “You know what? If you wanna die for this couch fine! I don’t care anymore.”

2. The person or people who sold them this couch had to be watching them load it up and drive off and wondering, “I’m not liable for when that guy definitely falls off and gets his head run over by a truck, right? Right? Man I’m gonna lose money on this couch after I have to hire a lawyer.”

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