Man Sues Buffalo Wild Wings Because ‘Boneless Wings’ are Actually Just Chicken Nuggets

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It’s common knowledge that people can be quite serious about their food, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

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A man has filed a class-action lawsuit against the popular sports bar and restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings. He is claiming that the “boneless wings” on the restaurant’s menu are made of chicken breasts and resembles more of a chicken nugget than a wing.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The lawsuit was filed by Aimen Halim on March 10th in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. In the official court documents,  the complainant is calling the food item a “false and deceptive marketing and advertising of Buffalo Wild Wings’ Boneless Wings.”

Three other class-action lawsuits have also been filed by Halim. One is against Tom’s Wicked Fresh Mouthwash for their “natural” label, another is against Kind granola and their “inaccurate” labels, and a third against Hefty because their bags are labeled as “recycling bags” and according to Halim, they shouldn’t be.

Yes, you’re still reading all of this correctly.



Man sues Buffalo Wild Wings, saying ‘boneless wings’ are actually just chicken nuggets #FREEGAMENEWS

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The corporations have yet to release any statements regarding the lawsuits filed against them.

The documents for the Buffalo Wild Wings lawsuit state that “Indeed, the Products are more akin, in composition, to a chicken nugget rather than a chicken wing.”

According to Halim’s claim, the label “boneless wings” is misleading because it is telling the customer that they are eating a wing rather than another part of the chicken.

“This clear-cut case of false advertising should not be permitted, as consumers should be able to rely on the plain meaning of a product’s name and receive what they are promised,” the lawsuit states.

The next time you’re short on cash, maybe you can find a franchise to sue for silly reasons.

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