Man Trapped in Gym During Flash Flood Goes Viral with Distressing Video

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Planet Fitness is a great place to go for a workout, but no one ever goes there for a swim. The fitness chain doesn’t have pools.

But that didn’t stop one man from thinking about it, given his circumstances. After all, he was trapped inside the gym as the result of flash flooding, as he revealed on TikTok.

Following a workout, he was headed outside to his vehicle, only to notice a hard rain a fallin.’ So he figured he’d go back to the locker room and take a shower until the outside conditions calmed down.

They never did.

A Tragic Day for All!


Story time: the flood in planet fitness

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“I looked up from my phone to find that half of the parking lot I was sitting in was already underwater,” he said. “We were only expecting 5-6 inches of rain so when I saw this I kinda went into shock.”

After that, floodwaters had made their way into the Planet Fitness, creating quite the conundrum for a guy who had already finished exercising. Or anyone, for that matter.


This is not good 😰…

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“We just stood around, we were waiting for rescue personnel for hours, they wouldn’t answer us,” he explained. “So I decided to take out my phone and start filming TikToks and the rest is history.”

Talk about a tragic day for all, this is funny but at the same time so terrifying. would so much electronic material around this dude, it could have been so tragic for him. Luckily, nothing serious happened but still, you don’t want to be in his shoes, can you imagine just being stuck thinking you might drown inside a gym? What a tragic way to go.

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