Man tweets photo of his mom’s advantageous Halloween “decorations” — and we’re impressed


Are you an over-decorator or an under-decorator? It only takes one look at this mom’s Halloween setup as revealed by her son on Twitter to know where she falls.

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“My neighbor’s Halloween decorations vs my mum’s,” @HarryCFC_ tweeted two Fridays ago, along with side-by-side images comparing the two front yards.

The neighbors had a remarkably elaborate display, including a spooky purple tent for trick or treaters to brave, a graveyard, skeletons getting a tan on the grass, skulls overseeing traffic behavior, ghosts swooping down from a tree and more.

@HarryCFC_’s mom, on the other hand, went with what we’ll call a minimalist approach.

Other than the carved jack-o-lantern near the front door, all she had to offer was a chalked up sign reading “Ditto” and an arrow pointing to the house next door.

But wait — there’s more.

Check out the “night version.”

A few people on social media described HarryCFC_’s mom as their favorite person.

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“She’s hilarious,” her son said in reply.

What do you think?

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