Man Who Shot Himself 192 Times Says People Think ‘He’s Stupid’

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Videos by Rare

Some people will do just about anything to make a sale. If that means shooting yourself 192 times, well, so be it. That’s the job, man. Do you want it or not?

The hard worker in question is a man named Richard Davis, a former Marine who eventually became the owner of a pizza restaurant. He also got into the body armor business

One of his pitches was a bulletproof vest that’s smaller and theoretically more comfortable than most worn by policemen and soldiers.

In order to prove that it has worked just as well … well, you always have to display the product, right? Right, it appears Davis said.

So Davis shot himself, right in the vest. A lot.

All of this is captured in a documentary, entitled 2nd Chance, an interesting look at what has made Davis tick, and pull the trigger — on himself.

Richard Davis Shot Himself 192 Times

Davis said people have thought he was “stupid” for putting his product on full display. Many interviewed in the documentary agreed with that assessment.

But you can’t argue with the vest’s success.

“Driving from police station to police station to demonstrate his product, publishing a catalog called Sex and Violence, using bikini-clad models to help market the vest, and creating those aforementioned cheapo films, Davis turned the Second Chance Body Armor Co. into a multimillion-dollar American success story,” wrote Chicago Sun-Times critic Richard Roeper.

While some viewed Davis’ vest as a success, others considered it a flop. He did, after all, pay out about $65 million in settlements, the doc revealed.

But Davis himself survived all those shootings. We think.

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