Every Texan Needs This Life-Size Matthew McConaughey Cutout

When I think of my home state, a few things come to mind—bluebonnets, Whataburger, and of course, Matthew McConaughey. Back in the early 2000s, this handsome Texan was in several romantic comedies that made us fall in love with him.

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After watching ‘The Wedding Planner,’ I dreamed of him saving me from a manhole, and after watching ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days‘, you’re darn right I was dying to be Kate Hudson. How lucky were J-Lo and Kate to have Matthew so close? Since I’ve yet to run into Matthew in Austin, Texas, the closest I’ll get to him is with a Matthew McConaughey cardboard cutout.

Matthew McConaughey (Blue Suit) Mini Cutout

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Amazon has life-size and mini cutouts of Matthew McConaughey available, and of course, these cutouts have five stars. This life-size cutout stands at 6’3″. Matthew is only 6 feet tall, but hey, I’ll never complain over an extra three inches. You know?

The Matthew McConaughey life-size cutout makes a fantastic gift for the Texas lady in your life. We love our tall, dark, and handsome Texas man. I’d love to get this cardboard cutout and play a practical joke on my mom. She is obsessed with Matthew!

Not only would it make a great gag gift for McConaughey lovers, but it also makes an excellent prop for photo-opportunities. If you host Texas Longhorn game days or even wine night with the ladies, you can’t go wrong with this Celebrity Cutouts product.

Don’t worry, this life-size cardboard cutout standup is printed in amazing high definition from the best materials. Now, don’t forget that this top-quality cardboard cutout also comes in a mini cutout. The minis stand at 2 inches and are only $19.97. Keep it on your nightstand right next to your alarm clock, and you’ll start every morning looking at the sexiest face ever.

Matthew McConaughey (Blue Suit) Mini Cutout

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(I’m adding this cutout to my wishlist.)

Matthew is a revered actor and just a loved member of the Texas community. Any movie enthusiast or Texan knows that this is a great collector’s item. For more cutout gifts for celebrity fans, check out these celebrity masks from Celebrity Cutouts.

Celebrity Cutouts make high-quality life-size cardboard cutouts. Trust me, you’re going to forget you have this celebrity cardboard cutout in your room and think it’s actually Matthew giving you bedroom eyes across the room.

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