Matthew McConaughey demonstrates his acting chops by doing scenes written by children on “The Tonight Show” YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- Matt McConaughey Kid theater Jimmy Fallon

Matthew McConaughey is an amazing actor who has chosen varied roles in movies like “Dallas Buyer’s Club” and shows like “True Detective,” where he gives amazing performances. But can he elevate material written by first graders?

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Together with “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, McConaughey read through scripts that were written by children, and they all have the same loose nonsensical feel.

The first script is about someone, McConaughey, stealing gold from Fallon and also stealing his pants. It ends with Fallon crying because he has no pants.

Then there’s a story about a man and a duck who live next to each other. The duck lives in a mansion he made out of gold created from the coal he received from Santa Claus.

The third story is about two brothers named Harold and Darold Nugget, gold nugget brothers from Goldopolis, who had their beds stolen, and who then use their gold bikes to get beans.

McConaughey really can elevate whatever material he’s given, and he takes each of his characters, especially Quackie the duck, to the next level.

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