Every once in a while, a meme comes along that defines a generation — Barry Larry Terry was one such meme. The photo hit the internet when Officer Russell Graham of the City of Moulton Police Department in Alabama posted it on the department’s Facebook page. The now-viral image was a mugshot of the long-necked outlaw, Barry Larry Terry, who was arrested on charges of “unlawful possession of a wild raccoon” and “no headlamp on a bicycle.”

Unfortunately, the photo, as well as the story of Barry Larry Terry and his legendary raccoon, are merely satire.

City of Moulton Police Department/Facebook/Screenshot

When asked where he got the name, Graham explained, “I can’t tell you where it came from—I was just like, ‘That looks like a Barry Larry Terry.'” The post has since been removed from the City of Moulton Police Department’s Facebook page, but not before it was shared over 6,000 times. Graham told WHNT, “Across the world, law enforcement officers are seen in a bad light […] we were trying to project a little humor, and hopefully, build rapport with the citizens that come across the page.”

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The department later uploaded a picture of a raccoon (possibly Barry Larry Terry’s own??) with the caption, “Cuddles has reportedly made it to the coast.”

The photo has already spawned a Facebook group called “Free Barry Larry Terry.” The group features updates from Barry Larry Terry himself from inside the Moulton City Jail.

When Rare called the City of Moulton Police Department to ask about Barry Larry Terry and his famous raccoon, we were informed that Officer Graham was not in the office. The receptionist laughingly told us that quite a few people had asked about Barry Larry Terry and there had even been one or two offers from people hoping to bail him out.

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And, if the Moulton City Police Department was hoping for community engagement, they certainly accomplished their goal. The department, which consists of only nine full-time patrol officers, now has more people who like their Facebook page than there are citizens in the city of Moulton.

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