Meet the Angry Wowing Frog, the amazing little creature that sounds suspiciously like Owen Wilson

ABC - Owenergy Studios - YouTube - Screenshots

The geniuses over at Owenergy Studios have done it again. After the viral success of their hilarious “Phantom Menace”/Owen Wilson mash-up, they’ve created this possibly-even-more-hilarious nature documentary/Owen Wilson mash-up.–pz1nFQfM

The original documentary focuses on the desert rain frog — a frog that squeaks. Owenergy Studios decided to replace the frog’s squeaks with Owen Wilson’s “wow,” and the results are amazing.

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If you missed their “Phantom Menace” video, it’s a lightsaber battle from the 1999 “Star Wars” film, but all the lightsaber noises have been replaced with various soundbites of Owen Wilson saying “wow.”

The channel is full of hysterical videos — most of which feature Owen Wilson, but there are a few exceptions:

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