Meet the bodybuilder who’s such a dead ringer for Conor McGregor that he decided to walk around with an entourage and prank everyone who recognized him YouTube/Muscle Madness
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Workout athlete Islam Badurgov teamed up with Muscle Madness to shoot this hilarious prank video in which Badurgov undergoes a very simple makeover that makes him looks like UFC star Conor McGregor.

Despite being slightly larger than the controversial Irishman, Badurgov easily fools passers-by. He walks around with an entourage to make it even more convincing, and eventually gets completely swamped by McGregor fans who have no idea that the man standing in front of them is not their hero.

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Badurgov avoids speaking throughout the prank, presumably because he’s incapable of pulling off a convincing Irish accent, and doesn’t want to blow his cover.

Spare a thought for all hundreds of people he fooled — especially the ones who took selfies with him.

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