There have been a lot of trends on this absurd thing we call the internet; some of them worse than others — we’re looking at you “planking.” But, the newest trend brings us back to the wholesome world of the “meme”– just good old-fashioned words and pictures.

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The newest “hashtag meme” to take over the world wide web is the “meme your last relationship” genre. And, some of these are pretty great:

We’ve all been in one of those relationships that make us crazy, and we totally forget why we were in them to begin with. But, for some reason, we can’t seem to get out of them.

And others of us seem destined to live our lives alone and single.


But maybe, after all, there is a light (and a special someone) at the end of the tunnel.

Alex Thomas About the author:
Alex is from Delaware. He lives in DC.
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