Michael Che and Alec Baldwin star in an “SNL” interview showdown between Lester Holt and Donald Trump NBC/Screenshot
Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) sits down for an "SNL" interview with Lester Holt (Michael Che).

Last night’s “Saturday Night Live” opened with a sit-down interview: Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump facing off with Lester Holt, played by Michael Che. Or as Trump calls him, “Jazzman.”

Che’s deadpan is a perfect foil to the unruliness of Baldwin’s Trump. Before Che can ask Holt’s first question, Trump asks him if he has Holt’s undying loyalty, a query met with a simple, “You don’t, sir.” And when the president goes off on an “I won the election fair and square’” tangent, Che answers with, “You say that literally all the time.”

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Finally the interview gets to James Comey, whom Trump outright admits he fired for investigating the president’s ties to Russia (“He’s investigating Russia, I don’t like that, I should fire him.”).

“But that’s obstruction of justice-”

“Yeah,” Trump says. “Sure. Okay.”

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Here’s the best moment, the question a lot of the country has been waiting to ask itself for the past 100-plus days: “Wait, so did I get him? Is this all over?” Che then hears the producers in his earpiece, “No, I didn’t? Nothing matters? Absolutely nothing matters anymore?”

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