Michael Fassbender tried to teach Jessica Chastain how to break dance but ended up doing the worm all by himself

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Michael Fassbender is an Oscar-nominated thespian who is famous for his powerful cinematic portrayals. But he’s also a break dancer — oddly enough.

Fassbender revealed that surprising piece of information on May 5 episode of “The Graham Norton Show,” while he was was chatting to the host about an ending he’d pitched to director Ridley Scott for his new movie “Alien: Covenant,” in which Fassbender plays an android named David.

“I wanted to have David dancing on the disco deck of the ship,” he said. “At the end and the credits are rolling, I thought it might be kind of funny to do like a Napoleon Dynamite-style exit for the character. But Ridley didn’t go for it! I still don’t understand why.”

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The conversation led to Norton inquiring about the actor’s “break dance phase” as well as his affiliation with a local Irish dance team back in the 1980s.

It was at this point that fellow guest and actress Jessica Chastain got involved, asking, “What is break dance? Can you show me?”

Fassbender didn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about the whole thing at first, but the audience eventually encouraged him, and he busted out a few moves, much to the joy of Chastain.

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