Man Takes Revenge By Building Cow Poop Wall After Property Line Dispute With Neighbor YouTube via Fox 2 Detroit
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“It’s not a poop wall. It’s a compost fence.” That’s according to the wall’s creator, a farmer in Lodi Township near Ann Arbor, Mich. The Michigan man, who refused to identify himself, was speaking to reporters Fox 2 Detroit, who visited his farm in order to investigate the feces fence — which has started to draw complaints from the neighbors.

The Origins of the Feces Fence

According to the neighboring homeowner, Wayne Lambarth, the farmer has been building a wall out of cow manure since last year. Lamberth told reporters that his neighbor was building the fence in retaliation after a disagreement over the property line that divides their land.

Lambarth’s grandfather developed the farm and divided the property more than a century ago, he says. Last year, however, the two neighbors got into a dispute over where the property line fell. Before the property line dispute, the farmer would distribute the manure as fertilizer over his land, Lambarth notes. But shortly after their argument, his neighbor began building a fence out of cow poop close to Lambarth’s house. Now, the wall is 250-feet long and grows increasingly stinky as the weather continues to warm.

Lambarth has two tenants — Coyne Gatto and Jaidyn Schwarzel — living on the property, who say they are fed up with the smell.

“It’s just a s— pile over there,” Schwarzel said.

“It’s like you can’t leave the window open,” agreed Gatto. “The whole upstairs will smell like it.”

“They are consistently ruining my morning as I walk out,” Schwarzel added.

Authorities Say Nothing Can Be Done

Local officials have told Lambarth that nothing can be done about the smelly 250-foot-long wall of poop because it is on his neighbor’s property. Representatives from Lodi Township Hall have not replied to the Fox 2 Detroit reporters’ requests for comment.


When one reporter informed the farmer that his neighbor didn’t like his poop wall, the man responded, “well, I don’t like the price of milk”.

This latest news isn’t the first time someone has used cow poop as a weapon of revenge. Only two weeks ago, climate activists dumped cow poop outside of the White House to protest Biden’s climate plan. Last year, A Florida man was charged with a felony for dumping a bucket of cow manure on a victim. In 2015, an Iowa woman was charged with harassment for having a box of cow poop mailed to her neighbors after they repeatedly complained about her dog’s barking.


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