5-Year-Old Hilariously Flips Off Audience for 20 Minutes During School Nativity Play

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

I love children. They are basically just drunk people who can get away with everything because well, they are kids and they don’t know better. Like five-year-old Ella Legge, who probably saw her dad flipping someone off at the grocery store, so she decided to flip someone off too. Double birds for the win.

Starring as an angel in her school nativity play, she surprised several parents by spending her ENTIRE performance standing with her two middle fingers raised to the audience. Like a true boss. She wasn’t having the Christmas school play at all and basically said, EFF YOU Mom and Dad, I told you I didn’t want to do this.

Little Ella apparently had hurt one of her fingers and spent 20 minutes of the half-hour performance just waving them both at her mother during her play in Essex. Luckily for us, these wonderful hilarious photos surfaced on social media, which shows the child center stage, dressed in white, wearing a halo of tinsel and displaying her fingers.

Ella’s mom, Carla Bovingdon, said she attempted to tell Ella to put her fingers down by mouthing at her, but she ultimately just had to let it go and live with the fact that her daughter was the talk of the school. Because well, there comes a point where you just have to give up and accept the situation, right? At least she tried. I’m sure she gave parents and a few of the older children a bit of a giggle.

Bovingdon stated, “She likes to let me know if she’s at all injured, so she was basically trying to show me what she had done from across the room. It was the tiniest little hangnail as well. Then she put both her fingers up because she was trying to compare to see if both fingers were hurt.”

I mean, it was innocent. This kid had no idea what she was doing, and I’m sure everyone understood that. All she was doing was showing her mom that she had hurt her middle finger, and tried to compare the to the finger to it. Innocence at its finest. Is there a second performance of the nativity? Asking for a friend.

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