‘A Symphony of Boos’: Mila Kunis Responds to a Critical NYC Jimmy Kimmel Audience

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Mila Kunis just had the roughest night ever while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Ukrainian-born That ‘70s Show actress is promoting her new Netflix film, Luckiest Girl Alive. While she couldn’t have anticipated the audience’s incessant boos and teases, she took it all in stride and handled herself like a boss.

Setting the Tone: Mila Had a Massive Wardrobe Malfunction Before Walking Onstage

Mila Kunis walks out on Jimmy Kimmel’s stage wearing a see-through, sparkling, sleeveless, ruffled, collared dress. It’s gorgeous and she looks beautiful as always. But then she reveals that she just had a total wardrobe nightmare backstage.

Kunis talks about how typically, actresses like her have their outfits fitted and arranged ahead of time and shipped off to wherever they’re headed next. As it was, she arrived at Kimmel’s dressing room and opened her garment bag to find her see-through dress. But no one included undergarments and she wasn’t wearing any (she doesn’t explain why). So, she ended up borrowing her publicist’s bra and her manager’s socks. That’s all okay, but then we get to the underwear…

“Your costume department found children’s leggings from the Children’s Place that we have cut into underwear,” Kunis admits. “None of this would actually matter, except that it’s a see-through dress.

“That’s interesting. A glimpse behind the scenes — it’s not easy to be glamorous,” quips Kimmel. “Or a publicist.”

“Yeah, or a manager. Or a Children’s Place pant,” jokes Kunis.

None of it sounds extraordinarily comfortable, but the night gets worse for Kunis. Much worse.

The First of the Boos: Mila Kunis Isn’t Originally a New Yorker

Kimmel immediately segues. “You seem like you could be a New Yorker, but you’re not a New Yorker, right?”

“No, I’m not,” Kunis says. And that was the very first heckle, the very first boo. It was quiet, but it set the tone and got the rest of the audience riled up.

Kunis’ head whips sideways and she asks who booed. “What’s wrong with your audience? That’s very New York of you. Very New York. I’m sorry,” she chides.

The Black Swan actress explains that she was born in Ukraine. And of course, that was met with much applause, due to the horrific plights that the Ukrainians are currently experiencing.

Kunis’s family came through New York when they first moved to the States, she says. And while she isn’t from New York, she distinctly remembers being put up in a hotel while they underwent background and medical checks while staring at a cemetery across the street (creepy!). She also had her first hamburger and Coca-Cola.

The Second Round of Boos: Mila Didn’t Eat Any Pizza in New York

“That’s a pretty great memory,” Kimmel says. “Did you have pizza for the first time, here, in New York?” His tone is somewhat inquisitional at this point, which isn’t helping Kunis at all.

“Are you ready?” she points at the audience. “No.”

As anticipated, the audience booed heavily at that one.

“Boy, this audience is something,” Kunis says, before telling Kimmel that her father was a pizza delivery man when she was growing up.

The Third Round of Boos: Mila’s Dad Delivered Pizzas in the Wrong City

“He did?” asks Kimmel.

“He did, but in LA.” Kunis can’t get further than that before the audience is unleashing more boos. She turns beet red at this point and giggles nervously.

“That’s mean. LA has perfectly fine pizzas, guys.”

The Fourth Round of Boos: Mila Dared to Compliment West Coast Pizza

Oh-ho. That one set the audience off. At this point, they sound like clones of the hag from that scene in The Princess Bride, when Buttercup is having a nightmare about being booed.

Mila Kunis takes her power back at this point though. Sticking her pointer up and speaking to the audience like a true mother, she shouts, “You know what?! I am wearing children’s underwear for you!” The audience loves this, so all is good again.

But not for long…

The Fifth Round of Boos: Mila’s Father Delivered for Dominos

“It was Domino’s pizza,” Kunis says to the sea of judgment sitting before her. More boos.

“It’s like a symphony of boos and awes,” Kunis laughs.

“Yeah, that’s not really pizza,” Kimmel says. “That’s, you know, it’s Domino’s. You know, in a pinch, it’s fine.”

“You really don’t like… Oh, well you have this thing with pizzas, you’re like, meh…” Kunis is trying to grasp why he’s so picky.

“Yes, I have something called ‘taste,’” he teases. “Even after your dad worked for Domino’s for two years, you still liked Domino’s pizza?”

The Sixth Round of Boos: Mila Doesn’t Even Like Pizza

Oh no she didn’t.

“Oh no, I hated pizza. I mean, I hate pizza.”

The audience starts slinging angry boos at poor Mila as Kimmel exclaims, “You hate pizza!?!?” It’s the worst kind of offense she could have caused, apparently.

“I know, Boo! Boo! I get it! I get it! I’m out of here!” Kunis gets up and pretends to walk away. But it’s all in stride. She’s a champ and walks it off.

The reason why the Oz The Great and Powerful actress doesn’t like pizza is because her family was very poor, and her father made it for them every night. She says he tried to get creative, but in the end, it ruined her appetite for it.

“I’ll choke it down because my kids like pizza, my husband likes pizza. But I’m never the person that goes, ‘You know what I feel like? Pizza.’ But here’s the irony, guys. My husband, for our anniversary, got me a pizza oven.” They love that.

“Mila Tequila”— Just Wash It All Away

After Kimmel cuts to a scene of her new movie, Luckiest Girl Alive, much to a happy audience, he surprises Kunis with her first trip to the prom. Well, kind of.

Neither Kunis nor Kimmel actually went to the prom, we find out. She was filming TV and he was at home watching TV. So, he gifts her a hideous prom dress and has a man named Guillermo get down on one knee and give her a corsage. They take a prom photo under a balloon arch and then roll out a bowl of punch.

Guillermo then pulls out a flask and, much to Mila Kunis’ relief, there is also a large bottle of tequila under the punch table.

“Oh yes! Yes!” she exclaims as she starts taking shots.

It all ends “happily,” with Guillermo giving Kunis her very first prom dance. It’s not clear if her microphone was meant to stay on, but we can hear her continuously talking about how relieved she was to find out that there was real tequila in the bottle.

It seems obvious that the right thing to do at this point would be to forget that any of it ever happened.

Watch the hilarious interview below.

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