Model Claims She Was Detained by U.S. Customs Because She Looked Like an Escort

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you’re a model, your goal is to be as attractive as possible. You want to be model-like.

And according to Mikaela Testa, that’s all she’s guilty of — looking like a model. But she said that’s not why she was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents for four hours at LAX. Instead, she said, it was because she didn’t look like a model in their eyes.

Rather, she was mistaken for an escort.

Interestingly, Testa said she purposely dressed down so as not to be mistaken for a lady of the evening. Her friend Trinity, however, did not.

It resulted in nothing good, it seems.

Mikaela Testa on Instagram

“Okay, so we got to the LAX airport. I made sure I looked really, really ratchet and bad because I know that the U.S. Customs are really strict,” Testa said in a TikTok video.

“Trinity, with her beautiful eyelash extensions and big, fat juicy lips, pulls up looking hot to the U.S. Customs and I knew. I knew but I didn’t say anything.”

Big mistake on Trinity’s part — and probably Testa’s part for staying quiet to her friend.

Eventually, authorities were able to figure out that the girls weren’t actually escorted. But it took a while.

As some models will tell you, there’s a price to pay for being considered hot. Sometimes, it’s more like hot water. Even trying to look “really ratchet and bad,” as Testa said, just doesn’t do the trick.

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