Mom’s Karaoke Session At Sam’s Club Makes Her A Viral Sensation

Oh, how I love these types of Moms! Those that will do anything to cheer up their kids, and know how to have a great time! Like Christina Kokonis-Viggers here, who decided to treat customers of Sam’s Club with a nice surprise. Because well, sometimes shopping can get a little boring, so why not make the most of it. The cool mom, who self-proclaimed herself as a “diva in the making,” is one insanely talented momma. The vocalist and performer was at Sam’s walking around the aisle, and quickly stopped when she saw a karaoke machine.

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The machine could link to one’s Bluetooth so she knew it was her moment to shine. Given that the mom was ready to sing her heart out, she gave it a go and boy did she not disappoint. She began to burst out Maybe This Time from the musical Cabaret, and yes, steals the show! What’s impressive is that this woman didn’t go for a pop or hip-hop song, rather a Broadway song! Guts!

I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom!

So, being the performer she is, she decided to put on a show, because well, why not. These are hard times people, so yes, sing your heart out Mama! Show us your talent! Christine gave shoppers quite a delightful rendition and did not regret it one bit. Safe to say he did Liza Minelli would be proud. She is now ready for Broadway, center-stage!

Towards the end of the song, several customers are seen surrounding the mom, cheering her with great applauses left and right. So, although the customers may have not expected the impromptu karaoke session, I’m pretty sure they enjoyed it. Apparently, she didn’t want the video to be uploaded in the first place but ultimately caved. Her friend Amanda Lasher posted the video, and the mom quickly became a viral sensation trending all over social media. Within eight hours, the video had more than a million views. These views are well deserved if you ask me! Shine bright like a diamond, Christine. Can we make department store impromptu Karaoke sessions a thing? We can also have parking lot Karaoke sessions if we need to!

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