Crazy Mom Rants That Millennials Without Kids, ‘Childless Women’ Shouldn’t Be Allowed at Disney World

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There aren’t a whole lot of jobs in this world harder than being a mom. With that in mind, it’s hard to argue with a mom’s opinion. They’re usually right. But there is a particular breed of moms who don’t so much overshoot the runway on the importance of their jobs (and, by extension, selves) as they do fly straight off the planet and into outer space. The ones who think vaccines make their kids dyslexic and glass-boned. The ones who don’t let their 17-year-olds hang out somewhere without parental supervision.

And, the ones who somehow take a title (mom) that never gets enough credit and are able to overstate it so wildly that you somehow finding yourself taking the stance that, “Moms aren’t that important.” This lady is a perfect example. She took to Facebook to go on an insane rant about how people without kids shouldn’t be allowed into Disney World, how Millennials are all idiots, and how she hates childless women. All fun stuff.

This is some quality crazy mom’ing. Demanding all mothers with children should be allowed to skip all lines, slut-shaming a random woman for… wanting to eat a pretzel, and hating all women of child-bearing age who are not actively seeking seed, which feels a bit hypocritical since that may very well be why the pretzel slut was dressed the way she was. Plus she crapped on Millennials for good measure.

Look, lady. It’s great that you want the best for your kid and take being a mom seriously. But don’t take out the fact that this is clearly the first thing you’ve ever done in your life that you consider worthy of pride on the rest of us. You do a very important job, and taking pride in doing it well is extremely admirable. You are not, however, some kind of saint-goddess for whose path the rest of the world should part at a moment’s notice.

And also, Disney World is not a family only establishment. They have a whole area in Epcot that’s all about getting drunk around the world.

Ask Disney if they only want families coming to their park. Guarantee the accounting department is against it.

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