Monkey and Baby Adorably Crash Couple’s Wedding Photoshoot

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Weddings are often serious and fun, but one couple brought a whole new meaning to monkeying around on the day they became one.

Actually, the couple had very little to do with it. All they were doing was getting their wedding photos. It was actual monkeys that decided to disrupt things.

More specifically, mama monkey decided she wanted a piece of the groom. She brought her baby with her. Perhaps she was looking for a husband and father to her child, making one last-gasp effort to get the man to think twice before getting married.

He and his bride seemed to enjoy the experience despite the strangeness of the whole thing, and as the video revealed, let the monkey and her baby stay attached for a while.

Monkeys Crash Wedding Photoshoot!

Eventually, the monkey and her baby leave the groom alone long enough for the couple to finish the photo shoot. But they still stood and looked on.

”They felt the love and wanted to be a part of their big day too,” one comment read. And that about summed up the scene as accurately as possible.

Honestly, this is so cute! This little monkey made core memories for these two newlyweds! Who can say they had real monkeys at their wedding!? Also, can we talk about that scenery? It’s gorgeous…straight out of the jungle! So yeah, seems appropriate some monkeys crash their party!

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