Monstrous Gator Filmed Strolling Across Florida Golf Course During Hurricane Eta

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A monstrous gator was spotted lumbering across a Florida golf course as Tropical Storm Eta rolled through the region and observers across social media are stunned at its size.

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This Massive Alligator Runs That Country Club

The Valencia Golf & Country Club in Naples, Fla. has a dinosaur roaming its grounds. Life has found a way and it’s got to be only a matter of time before one of their golfers are ripped to pieces by this massive gator. Truly, just torn apart limb from limb like a meaty rag doll.

Tyler Stolting, who is the first assistant golf professional at Valencia, said he was shocked at the sight of the gigantic gator, which looked more like something out of Jurassic Park than Caddyshack.

While large alligators are a somewhat common sight in Florida and throughout states that border the Gulf of Mexico like Louisiana, this particular gator’s size is absolutely jaw-dropping.

Humans No Longer on Top of Food Chain at Naples Golf Course

This gator is unbelievable. Though the golf course workers at Valencia say it’s not a threat to golfers unless any of them are dumb enough to feed it or mess with it, it still feels like people should be driving around this golf course in SUVs and not golf carts. Maybe keep a shotgun in the golf bag, just in case you get “clever girl’d” by this thing as you’re looking for your golf ball near some bushes or the water.

In fact, if you hit your ball within ten feet of the water at this golf course, just let it go. Drop it another twenty feet away from the shoreline and call it a day. Don’t die over a Titleist.

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