Movie star Matt Dillon teaches you how to kill fish with bullets in this educational fishing video

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Film star and underrated comedy performer Matt Dillon made this hilarious sketch for Funny or Die back in 2011. In it, Dillon plays an enthusiastic fisherman named “Daytona” Dan Jackson who loves fishing — but not with traditional tackle.

Dan hates usual methods for fishing. He thinks the rods are annoying, and bait boxes are too heavy. His solution? A gun of course!

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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Fishing with a gun is obviously easier than fishing with a rod. And Dan proves this in the video by aimlessly firing into the water.

The fake commercial ends with “Daytona” Dan assuring his viewers that they’ll come home with smiles on their faces and dinner in their coolers.

It’s worth noting that Matt Dillon is no stranger to commercials:

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