Ms. Frizzle is back and lecturing dumb parents in this educational College Humor animated sketch

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Ms. Frizzle is back! The animated elementary school teacher is giving anti-vaccination parents a piece of her mind in this brilliant “Magic School Bus” parody from CollegeHumor.

“Nothing gives me more joy than teaching my students about the human body. But since your children aren’t vaccinated, it’s incredibly unsafe for them to come to school,” she says. “So instead I’ll be educating you. For although you are grown adults, you all need a lesson in biology. Let the learning begin.”

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The bus magically shrinks and enters the body of a kid to demonstrate how the measles vaccine strengthens white blood cells. “Sure, you say that, but where’s the proof? Where’s the evidence?” one of the parents asks.

“It’s literally outside your window,” Ms. Frizzle replies. “Just turn your heads, you can see it happening.”

A “Magic School Bus” reboot, unrelated to the CollegeHumor sketch, will be coming to Netflix. “SNL’s” Kate McKinnon is slated to voice Ms. Frizzle.

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