Police Department Letting Parents Take Mugshots of Their Naughty Kids

Pearland Police Explorers Post #237

Most kids are good and deserve presents. No kid, however, is perfect. Kids are sweet and innocent and also kind of little bastards sometimes. Hell, most of us are. So it’s fitting, then, that as a supplement to taking pictures on Santa’s lap the Pearland Police Department in suburban Houston, Texas lets families take mugshots with their kids, listing their venial sins on their booking signs.

This is the second year of Pearland PD’s “Mugshots with Santa” event, which raises money for the department’s youth training program, the Pearland Police Explorers #237 as well as contributes to a family in need that the department adopts every Christmas. Last year Mugshots for Santa raised $7,000 and if the event raises enough money this year the department says they could be able to adopt two needy families instead of one.

It cannot be stressed enough how fantastic this fundraiser is. It’s creative, it’s fun, and it lets you shame your children for doing the dumb little naughty things that they do, like “Lying about walking the dog after school”, “Always peeing on the toilet seat”, “Eating all the ice cream even though their dad was really looking forward to having some after work”, and “Using mom’s credit card to buy games on the X-Box”.

Mugshots with Santa will be taking place on December 14th this year. All ages of kids and adults are welcome to take mugshots, with whatever naughtiness they feel like listing for Santa. The photos cost $10 for the first person in and $5 for every additional person. Because of the wild popularity of the event, however, there is a four-person limit to keep things moving. The event runs from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Pearland PD is considering adding an extra on December 19th if demand merits it.

So if you’re in the Houston area and want to have fun with/shame your children all while helping a good cause… boom. Mugshots with Santa.

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