Naked Florida Man Goes Viral After Jumping Onto A Big Rig On The Highway

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A man wearing nothing but sneakers and his birthday suit has gone viral after jumping onto the back of a big rig on the highway on Thursday. The naked man threw traffic into chaos as he bolted across Interstate 75 in in Sarasota, Florida.

The naked man did this in the pouring rain around 4 P.M. Traffic was already slowed down due to inclement weather. The man ran along the highway then jumped onto the back of a semi-trailer as people were snapping pictures and sharing them online. The trailer was stopped and in a center lane of the I-75.

The naked man has not been identified but the Sarasota County Sheriff Department did show up and take him into protective custody. The Sheriff Department spokesperson said that they took the man to a local hospital to get him evaluated.

“While we don’t know what may have precipitated this man’s actions, it’s apparent that he was exhibiting abnormal behavior,” spokesperson Douglas Johnson said. “This was a very dangerous situation for the man and the motorists traveling the interstate at that time. We’re thankful we were able to resolve the situation safely.”

No one seems too shocked that this occurred in Florida….

The Sarasota Patch reports that one Facebook user posted, “I was driving down 75 and saw him. It was pouring rain and he was smiling and punching the air. Florida man.”

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  1. A man hitching a ride on a truck causes “major traffic problem” ???? In Florida summer, in the rain our birthday suit is the most appropriate and default human condition. I’m sure he dried quickly after the rain ended.
    WTF did the police “take him for evaluation”? What clothe he chooses to wear or not is none of the police’s F’ing business. Don’t they have some crime to fight?

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